Question Seeing no improvement going from GTX 660 to RX 470 4Gb. What could it be?


Oct 25, 2016
Hi! My friend recently recieved a RX470 as a present from us, since he had a outdated GTX 660 2gb. In my computer, after I tested it 2-3 days, the framerate was quite high in many games, sometimes even the same framerate as my RX580 is outputting (along a Ryzen 2600 + 16gb of ram).

Now, I know he runs a low end computer, having a FX 6300, 8 Gigs of RAM that are ran from 2 different sticks (prolly not dual channel since they have different specs) and a Sirtec High Power 600W 80+ Bronze.

I thought it might the the CPU bottlenecking, but it stays in 60 degrees celsius and it boosts pretty well, up to 3.9Ghz (again, i know it is a very outdated CPU that wasn't ever that good).

If it is not the CPU/RAM, what improvement should we expect? (btw, we bought the card from another friend that also ran it along a FX6300 with no problems and never complained about the actual framerate).

So far we've tested League of Legends, and he said that he's got LESS fps than on the GTX 660 (weird), War Thunder that has 0 improvement, CSGO that again, has +0, Dark Souls is a +0. He uninstalled the drivers with DDU and installed the lastest Adrenalin Software (the one that I have and the one that I used to test his card).

What we have noticed so far is that the GPU has weird usage variation. Sometimes is 99%, other times is 0% and it changes continuosly like this. Now it's 0, now its 50, now its 65, now 99 and again 0 now. The GPU temps are under 60 (Asus Strix OC). It has the latest BIOS, too, downloaded and installed from ASUS's website.

What should we do/try to make it a worthy upgrade (software wise, because any upgrade is out of budget).



Jan 5, 2015
You can't always go by the bottlenecker sites, but punching his specs with the RX 470 8gb shows 17%. Meaning the cpu is too slow for his gpu. If he's got a good board, maybe overclocking can help a little. But sounds like better off now to upgrade.
What resolution is his monitor and what settings is he gaming at? At low resolutions and settings, the CPU of the system will tend to be more of a limiting factor, as the load on the graphics card will be relatively low. Some of those games like CS:GO will not be particularly demanding on the graphics hardware in general.
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Nov 18, 2019
I would pull the card and after you have unplugged computer hold down the power switch 30 seconds get good light into the PCI-x slot and clean out with a paint brush and blow it out. And re try

I keep an old AMD build that is lower than what you guys have and the only issue is the SSE 4.2 any other game is just fine. Check for dust and reseat.
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