Question Seeing weird blocks/pixels around fast moving objects and some questions about the Philips 43PUS8545/12 4k TV.


Jul 25, 2016
So I've bought the Philips 43PUS8545/12 and it looks amazing! Coming from a 32 inch Full HD tv, it's a day and night difference.

But I have a few questions. I was just looking at Star Wars the Clone Wars and I was viewing a lightsaber fight. A lightsaber fight goes pretty fast, especially the lightsabers. I noticed a lot of (black) blocks/pixels around the lightsabers and characters that were moving extremely fast. What is this? And how do I turn it off?

I've tried to capture it and I do think you can see it on the video around the lightsabers especially:

I do believe that this has to do with Smooth Motion and when turned off, it doesn't happen again, yet the picture quality looks slightly different.

Also: how do I enable 60hz on everything? Or isn't that an option?

And some Netflix movies look really pixelated. Like they're not even full hd. Is there a setting that can change that? My internet is pretty fast, so it can't be that. Going to Disney+ and viewing Star Wars Ep. III, that looked amazing! Like it actually is 4k (guessing it probably is).

Is there anyone with this tv/who knows this stuff that can help me?

-How do I get rid of those blocks/pixels around fast moving objects?
-Can I enable 60hz on everything? Also the lowest responsive time on everything?
-Why do some movies look pixelated?

-What are the best settings? (I know it can be a lot and that it is personal prefference, so this isn't a priority question)