Question Seeking a second opinion on build before I open the boxes and put it together.

Oct 9, 2021

I have recently bought a system, a high-end rig which will run my 4k oled and what is likely to be an ultrawide further down the line (3440-1440 and up)
I seek a second opinion on the parts i have chosen since it is a big decision and I want to make sure I have made no mistakes or poor decisions.

This is the list I ended up with and the prices I paid.

None of the parts have been unboxed and I am still waiting on a few items.
Please let me know if anyone think there are better choices I could make. I can still return the items.

Note on Motherboard, the motherboard I bought was the recently released X570S Carbon MAX Wifi, but it is not available on pcparts picker.


NH-D15 + Trident Z + Meshify 2 Compact.
In the default position, D15 is 165mm tall, with clearance for up to 31mm tall ram. For every mm over that, the front fan will need to be raised.
Trident Z is 44mm tall, so front fan should be raised 13mm. D15 is now 178mm tall.
Meshify 2 Compact supports air coolers up to 169mm. You won't be able to close the side panel.

1)Remove the front fan.

2)Take the 2 A15 fans and position them behind each tower. Basically pull-pull.
You should test this to be sure, but from my own experience, the A15s make this buzzing sound around 1000rpm and up if you use them on the heatsink as pull.
It may have been something I did wrong - I don't really hear anyone else mention it.

3)Trade for a cooler more compatible with tall ram.

4)Replace front fan with a 120mm one.
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Oct 9, 2021
Appreciate the input.

Yeah I had a look at this actually, I think I will end up removing one of the fans, from what I understand the front fan does more of "air directing" than heavy lifting for the cooling. With the middle fan being responsible for keeping the fin stacks cool.

Is it possible to mount a 140mm in the back of the meshify 2 compact? I understand it ships with a 120mm back there.
Swapping the two could be an idea. otherwise I think I could follow your suggestion of a pull pull config.

Edit: There is clearly no room for a 140 rear fan. I'll go with pull-pull or one fan.
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