Question Seeking Advice: Gaming Ultrawide Monitor

I want to buy a 1440p Ultrawide for gaming. I'm based in Australia. I can't justify the crazy prices on high end options, so I believe that leaves me looking exclusively at either 100 or 144hz VA panels.

Here are my options as I see them (in order of current preference) - prices include shipping:
1) Kogan 34" 144hz HDR400 - $834 AUD
2) MSI MAG341CQ 34" 100hz $865 AUD
3) Asus VG35VQ 35" 100hz - $1010 AUD

On paper, the Kogan is the clear winner. I believe it's the same panel as the Nixeus NX-EDG34S (I think) which seems to be pretty well reviewed for its market position and price. My issue is, given the limited distribution of the Kogan unit, there are no reputable reviews that I can find. Seems a bit of a risk. Does anyone know of reputable reviews from similar or identical units is being sold in other regions with a different badge?

RE my priorities, I'm not into twitch gaming, so don't need premium response times, but I'd still like something that doesn't fall apart completely if I feel like diving into Doom or Apex Legends from time to time. I'm upgrading from old, business oriented 1200p Dell Ultrasharp displays (3 x U2412M units), so I suspect any modern gaming display will be substantially better.

This is a pretty big purchase for me, so I'd really value people's thoughts and suggestions, including other options not currently on my radar. Thanks in advance!



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