Question Seeking next step, copying files wallpaper


Mar 17, 2020
I desperately wanted my own photo collection, shuffling as my desktop background. After updating to Monterey it made the process harder, since the destination folder you choose, has to have the individual jpg files only, no folders.

After hours of drag and drop, I finally achieved what I wanted, but now I want to keep it updated.

I have an app that saves my favourite instagram accounts, and I want to update my photo file destination used with my shuffled photos, with the new photos, but it saves each one in it's own folder destination. I have a screensaver I love called ArtSaver, that has the ability to show all jpgs, housed in multiple folders and shuffle them, but I can't run that app as my desktop background, if I could my problem would be solved.

I have, and have tried Carbon Copy Cloner with filters, but even then it would copy the main folder, as it is, with its multiple folders, and then I would need to drag and drop the jpgs into the central destination.

I just want to copy all the files only from multiple folders, into one central location.

Any ideas or application that can just move the files from multiple folders into one central location, would be very much appreciated.