Seeking recommendations to replace Epson WF 3530

Feb 6, 2019
My Epson WF 3530 died and I would like to replace it with something comparable. It basically started giving me a "paper jam" error despite there being no paper jam, and this error isn't clearing.

I wanted to get another Epson WF 3530, but even though I paid $430 for it in August of 2016, I cannot find another one that doesn't cost at least $100 MORE today.

I want one that has a double-sided scanner with automatic feeder, wireless capacity, and good color ink printing. But the replacement doesn't necessarily need to be another Epson. This is because they seem to have very poor warranty. This leads to my last request...

Would welcome recommendations for extended warranty options as this previous printer died after 2 years and the warranty was only for 1 year.

Can you please recommend a good replacement?


"Can you help me pick out a printer that suits my needs?"

Please fill out this questionnaire as much as you possibly can as this will narrow down the list of printers that will be ideal for your needs:

1. What is your printer budget? What is your country of origin?
$500 max if it has long warranty, $300 max if warranty is 2 years or lower, though would prefer something with longer warranty than 2 years.

2. Preferred Brand(s)
any as long as the features I want are included

3. Brands Not Preferred (state reason why)
ones with only 1 year warranty

4. How many pages do you print per day?
it varies as i'm a graduate student but now i'm also a contractor so i need to print for work. some days i don't print at all, on other days, maybe 200 pages max.

5. Do you want your printer to perform other functions (scanning / copying / fax)?
yes, double-sided scanning from auto-feeder is very important. copying would be nice. don't care about fax as i don't have a phone line and use

6. Preferred website for printer (eg Newegg / Tiger Direct, etc)?
don't care, i like amazon prime but anywhere is good as long as i get the printer and the shipping isn't an additional $50

7. Do you want your printer to have WiFi capability?

8. Do you want your printer to have full color or black and white?
full color

9. How much do you currently spend on ink/toner?
too much :( but them be the ropes. i guess about $35/cartridge

10. Do you print high quality or high resolution documents or photographs?
yes but they don't have to be studio quality or anything, just home photos and i like the color printing to be nice, but it's not for professional prints
Feb 6, 2019
BUMP, any ideas for replacing this printer?

I would like dual side scanning from an auto feeder, and color printing.

I do not care about how much paper it holds at this point or anything fancy about the colors (as I don't print that much color anyway, I usually print stuff in black and white but do print some color a couple times a week, not professional, just regular home stuff).

I don't care about faxing as I use other services.

And I would like to be able to extend warranty more than 1 year manufacturer's that's usually given.

PS. I already looked into the EcoTank line but they only have auto feeder dual scanning for products nearing a thousand bucks. It's like technology is going backwards on printers or something. Smh.

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