Question Seeking suggestions for lenovo Ideapad z470 with faulty motherboard


Mar 22, 2019
I have Lenovo Ideapad z470 which is non-responsive on pressing the power button. I had once repaired its motherboard which again went to the same state within a week.

It's out of warranty. Lenovo denied getting it fixed(even with payment since as per them this model was never launched in India and so they can't help).

Option with me now:
a) Get it repaired once more from a local shop by paying Rs 1500- Rs 2000 which will not have any warranty
b) Get a new motherboard from a local shop by paying Rs 5500 which again will not have any warranty
c) Sell it for Rs 5000

Its main config is: Intel Core i5 at 2.5 GHz with turbo speed of 3.1 GHz, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, integrated memory controller, 2 x 4 GB(8GB) DDR3 SDRAM at 1333 MHz, DVD-Writer, 500 GB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Original windows 7 with key, Original battery and charger.
More details at:

One more suggestion I am seeking is if its motherboard can be replaced from that of lenovo thinkpad t450 ? I know ports are different but seeking inputs from experts.

Or if any one has any other options pls suggest.