Seeking wireless bridge setup assistance

Aug 6, 2018
I have an old router with firmware that allows it to act as wireless bridge. Is it possible for the wireless bridge to connect directly to the Modem with router capability or I need to turn the ISP's modem to bridge mode and put in another router. I will be getting a Bell Home Hub 3000.

What I want to achieve here is connecting both my desktop/cicso IP phone box (both using wired ethernet to the wireless bridge) and have the wireless bridge connecting to the Bell Home Hub 3000 in the kitchen area as that's where the fibe comes in.

I was hoping to minimize the wiring /connection in the house.
Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe it depends how old the device is. The main problem is the wifi encryption and nobody runs without encryption. Part of the key negotiation is based on the mac address. In a simple bridge with 1 device will always work because there is only a single mac address.

When you want to have multiple devices over a wifi connection you now have a problem because there are mulitple mac addresses.

The way they "fixed" this was to use a field called WDS. Even though it technically isn't part of the wifi standards almost everyone implements it. I know many mobile hotspot do not have the feature at all. Some routers have it disabled since it is considered a security exposure for some types of installations.

So IF your old router supports WDS bridge mode and the new router does not have it disabled it will just work.