Seeks KA Balls out Video card for gamez...


Jan 7, 2002
What is the BEST overall kick ass balls to the wall HIGH performance video card for a desktop rig, money is no object. I want the fastest frame rate and the clearest images. Thank you.


Radeon 9800XT, hands down.

But if you must have THE BEST, and money is no object, wait a couple months. Ati & Nvidia's next gen cards will be released soon, nobody knows which will be the best of the two yet.

And expect to pay the better part of a grand to get one...

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IF money is no object then you could buy nV or ATI and then pop an NV40 or R420/423 into your rig, or maybe even an R480 or NV45. You could save money by buying an OEM partner.

But if you are actually limited in your funds, then stick with cleeve's selection. Although I hear GREAT things about the FX5500! :evil:

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