Question seemingly no monitor and mouse signal after new cpu installation, any way to fix this?

Dec 1, 2020
TLDR: new cpu installed but no monitor or mouse signal, everything else looks to be lit up and all fans are spinning, bios and chipset drivers updated.

Im a bit of a beginner when it comes to cpu installation but i followed a guide and everything seemed fine during the installation

I very recently bought a ryzen 7 3800XT to upgrade my PC as i had a 1300x before, and I made sure to update my chipset drivers and update my bios (I have a b350 tomahawk). both updates went well, so I decided to start the physical replacement of my cpu.

All seemed ready to go until I turned it on and found that the monitor displayed no signal and my mouse didnt light up.
My keyboard and mic lit up, all the fans were spinning and motherboard lit up, and also I made sure the cpu cable was plugged in.

Also it looks like a light called "EZ DEBUG LED" lights up when i start the pc.

I have made sure that my motherboard is compatible with the cpu, and also I have cleaned the ram in case that was the problem, but it didnt change anything, I saw a youtube comment saying that he
had the same problem and loosening his cpu cooler a bit fixed the problem, and i tried it and nothing changed.

any help would really be appreciated as I am devastated