Question Seems I got b-die, how should I try to take advantage of this?


Mar 11, 2010
So I ordered a kit of 2 white Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb sticks after seeing it on sale on amazon for like 92 CAD (69 USD), fully expecting it to be some cheaper micron, hynix or whatever chips seeing as the cheapest assured b-die kits available to me cost roughly 150 CAD. Ran Thaiphoon Burner and apparently I got samsung 20nm b-die, go figure, thanks amazon and corsair. These are rated at just 3200mhz 16-18-18-36 so I figure I can do better than that. If I want to overclock my Ryzen 3600 which memory frequency should I attempt to overclock to before trying to tighten my timings? Just curios what the optimal settings would be for me to overclock both my RAM and CPU at this point.

I have a well ventilated case with 3 high static pressure 120mm intake fans, 2 as exhaust. and a RM650x (2018) working like an exhaust fan too. My CPU cooler is a big neptwin dual tower with 3 high static pressure arctic p12 fans, and is using conductonaut. Testing with AIDA64 and stressing the ram, gpu, cpu, and my 5700 XT to 100% for 30min, my 3600 averaged 74'c and 3950mhz on all cores. This is just with all my bios settings on stock, but with PBO and XMP turned on.