Selecting a Tuner Card...


Jul 24, 2008
Just ordered all my parts for my new Media Center build. This machine is going to be sitting right next to my TV in the living room. I want to basically use it for the following:

-Watching DVDs/BlueRays
-Recording TV programs
-Internet (email and browsing)
-Would like to control the TV and the PC functions by remote control

I currently have FiOS and know I will need to get a tuner card that is capable of viewing and recording HDTV correct? I am just getting into this end of the industry (digital and anologue signals, standard and HDTV Broadcasts, recording, etc....) and incorporating a PC into it. So i really don't know what card I should be looking for and just need someone to point me in the right direction. I just want to make sure I get a card that will be able to do everything I want it to do.

I will be pairing it with an ATI HD3870, so I will be able to transmit a digital HD signal back out of my computer to my TV. My questions about the video card is how much does the picture quality actually depend on the video card? I mean, I guess watching DVDs and doing other computer related functions will benefit from a good card, but does actually watching live TV depend on a good video card? I thought it just depended on the signal and the mediums capability of encoding that signal.

Obviously I have a lot of confusion on this topic, so feel free to correct me on anything that needs correcting Thanks!

neon neophyte

make sure you choose someting that is compatible with microsofts media center.

if you dont, you will end up having to buy a 100 dollar seperate piece of software. (ie, sagetv or beyondtv.)

3870 is a good card.