Question Selecting an E-ATX case with limited dimensions

Apr 1, 2022
I need a case that fits within a pretty limited space, specifically 24"x17"x9". The parts that will definitely go in there:
  • E-ATX motherboard
  • ATX power supply (SFX doesn't have enough watts for the GPUs + processor, need at least 900, preferably 1000)
  • 2 quadros
Some optional things that would be nice but aren't a deal breaker:
  • A 5.25" bay
  • Room for 4 3.5" drives (doesn't have to be built in bays, can use internal bracket)
  • Room for 2 2.5" drives
  • Room for a liquid cooler
The Cerberus X is currently the best I've found, but the ATX PSU will have to sit outside of the case since it won't fit with the GPUs in. Are there any better options that make more use of the length/width? I'm also open to server chassis - they can use a proprietary PSU so long as it is 1000W+.