Question Self Assembled pc not showing video

Apr 25, 2019
Hi, I recently assembled my pc, everything turns on but nothing showed on video, monitor simply says "no signal"
Motherboard lights up, gpu lights up, ram lights up and no bips or error lights on the mobo.
This is my build:
Motherboard: Asus rog strix b30-F Gaming
Processor: Intel Core i5-9600K, 3.7GHz 9mb Cache intelligente
RAM: 2x8gb DDR4, 3000MHz, 288-pin DIMM - G.Skill Trident Z F4-300016D-16GTZR
GPU: GeForce RTX 2060 ROG Advanced Edition 6gb GDDR6 PCIe 3.0 / 2x DisplayPorts / 2x HDMI
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 4TB 3.5" SataIII GB/s
SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" Interfaccia SataIII GB/s Stand Alone 1TB
Power supply: Cooler Master RS750-AFBAG1-EU
Case: Masterbox TD500L - Cooler Master

I noticed that the usb20pin connector on the mobo is veeery loose, but i don't think that's the problem.
Could it be the boot installation usb I made for windows10?
When i connect the pc and everything it turns on, fans work properly, everything lights up (it all have rgb aura sync) and seems to work but "no signal" on the monitor, connected with HDMI which worked perfectly before, suggestions?


Good chance you have an older bios that does not support the 9th gens cpus. You'll either need an 8th gen cpu to use while you update the bios, take it to a shop and have them update the bios or return the board and get one with 9th gen support out of the box.


It's supports 9th gen but requires a bios update for them to work. Most of the h310, b360, h370 and z370 boards don't come with the updated bios. This info won't be on the box. The B365 and Z390 boards are the only ones that will come with the updated bios.



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