Question Sell 2015 computer or part out?


May 18, 2021
Is it usually easier to sell a complete desktop gaming computer or part it out? My 2015 desktop has a ASUS z97 Deluxe MB, Intel i7 4790K CPU, Noctua 15 CPU heatsink, Seasonic 760W Platinum PSU, Corsair 540 case, etc... I'm transferring the GPU to my new computer but the CPU has an onboard GPU. Should I try to sell it complete first and part it out of that doesn't work?

Also, should I transfer the Windows 10 to my new computer and then upgrade to Windows 11 or sell my old computer with windows 10 and buy 11 for my new computer.

Thanks for any advice.
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Feb 17, 2019
Normally, the most viable option for selling it complete is to a local buyer, to avoid the high costs of shipping, as well as increased potential for damage due to rough handling by the carrier, which could also cause some parts to be shaken loose or become partially or completely unseated from their connectors/cables. If the new owner doesn't carefully check everything BEFORE plugging it in and hittin the powa button, they could be in for a bright, flashy or shocking experience.....

And with the number of people who are constantly looking to upgrade older components for newer ones, and the robust market for said parts, it is generally fairly easy to sell them off for reasonable prices.

Although your MB is pretty old, your cpu, psu and heatsink could still decent performers for a budget machine which is NOT gonna be used as a gaming or CAD/video editor/imaging rig....

As for windows, that is your choice, but personally, I would never sell a machine with my copy of windows on it, and therefore would recommend transferring your current license to your new rig and then updating it to W11 if needed. This should eliminate any possibility of MS getting confused about which machine has which copy of Windows on well as the potential security & privacy risks too...

Just let the new owner get their own, new, fresh copy for themselves :)
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