Sell PC as seperate components or all together as one computer?

Oct 6, 2018

I decided to improve my secondary PC, and the more I thought and researched, the more parts I wanted to update, to a point at which I am now replacing every component bar the HDD and the PSU (which both still suck).

In order to finance this, I thought I could sell at least a little bit of it, would be at least more than Zero, because that rebuild is going to be somewhat expensive. So I wondered if it would actually be more profitable to sell the PC as a whole, since that would also put people that don't build PCs themselves into the list of possible buyers. I cleaned it out only last August, so two months ago, completely took it apart, cleaned it, and also did the best I could with the cable management and fan configuration (I bought it built, the CM was horrible, everything was horrible).

I bought the PC 4 years ago, September 2014, and upgraded the GPU about a year later, so this is the build I'm talking about, 4 years old except for the graphics card, which is 3 years in operation:

*AMD FX-8320 Eight Core @ 3.5GHz
* Scythe Katana 4 CPU cooler
*Biostar TA970 Ver. 5.3
*Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual-X OC 3GB
*ADATA 8GB XPG DDR3 1600 (2x4GB), AX3U1600W4G9-DB
*Aerocool AP-550 PSU Non-Modular
*HGST 1TB Travelstar 5K1000 (5400rpm)
*Aerocool PGS V-3 (but like a really bad version... only one, non-led fan included, which broke after 3 years, and the only option to mount front fans is using one of the HDD... plates... vertically in the front (which is what I did)
* 2x Arctic F12 PWM PST (one in the front and one at the bottom)
* NZXT FN V2 120mm case fan (according to NZXT's website at least... it was the stock fan that came with the S340, but the FN V2 is white on every single picture, while this one is black. I can't find a black one that looks like this though, so I guess it is, in fact, the FN V2, that's what they say comes with the S340)

I had to replace the fan within the PSU, the original one broke. I used a 120mm fan, the same one that's in the rear. Again, apparently NZXT FN V2, but in black... whatever, it's a good NZXT case fan in 120mm, so the PSU is opened and a bit of a DIY job, soldering the fan cable and all. Even more of a DIWhy is the CPU cooler, on which I actually put a second 92mm fan I had laying around, that's slightly more powerful, and used long screws to secure it to the tower. It sits on top, so long screws going in between the fins are sufficient, they hold the fan very well. I soldered its cable to the PWM cable of the other CPU fan, so sort of like a Y splitter, just without the clean, well thought out part. It's literally soldered together. Most of that cable is between the tower and the CPU though, so it's barely visible, especially since the CPU fan header is very close like it usually is the case on mainboards. Besides, there's no window anyways, so it's not that important (I still tried very hard with the cable management, even forcing all the cables behind the motherboard tray, because the PSU is non-modular and I don't want it to block the bottom fan's airflow in any way).

So I wondered what could give me the most out of selling it. I know that I can't sell the PSU on its own, because it sucks and its warranty is voided and there's a different fan inside and so on (it works better than the original fan but... whatever). I would keep the PSU in that case and buy everything else new, though I'd really like to get some money for the PSU, by selling as a whole, and get a new one (I can't justify buying a new one if I can't get rid of this one though).

Unfortunately, the case is horrible, so I can't do the 'ol "add some led and sell it to some dumb kid", and I really don't know if I should sell separately or not. And if so, how separately? Really each individual part or does the Mainboard, RAM, and CPU together get me more as a kit?

Also, I don't know how much it matters, but I'm not getting a new video card until Christmas, when a friend of mine sells me his GTX 970, so until then I'm not buying new parts most likely either. So if there's a better time to sell, like before Christmas, or after Christmas, or as soon as possible right now, that would be good to know as well.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully responding, and sorry for the kinda of stupid thread. I just have no idea what to do, I almost never sold anything on Ebay, and especially PC parts where prices fluctuate so much... as you can see with the build, I didn't know squat about PCs 4 years ago, and while I know more or less how to build now, I still don't know a lot about what to buy when, what to sell when, and all that stuff when it comes to getting the most value for your money.

Thank you,
Kind regards.

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I'd sell the parts individually. Sold as a unit, it's not terribly appealing; the hard drive is very slow, the case is low-quality, and while you get props for repairing your PSU yourself, it's still a very low-end Andyson-built PSU of an ancient design.

You can probably sell the CPU/MB/RAM together for $100-$125 and get another $70-$90 for the GPU. Selling as a whole will go a lot slower and I can't see you doing better than $200-$250.