Selling computer for a hobby with logos?


Jun 13, 2017
Is it legal to print a movie logo or characters from anywhere on line and make a sticker to put on a new pc for sale or would you have to buy the stickers? Could I design my own logo using movie characters to make a sticker to put on a new pc for sale?
Selling merchandise with copyrighted logos is infringing on the original copyright. Some companies like Apple and Disney, will go to great lengths to make you life hell should they find out you are making profits from anything related to them without their permission.
No. Buying the sticker from someone does not grant you license to use it for commercial use.

You would (or your lawyer) have to contact the copyright owner and ask for a license to use the copyrighted character. If they deem your product to be within what they see fit, and they approve your use of it, then, you would contract to use the character only as specifically outlined in your license agreement.

You would have to get a license for every copyrighted character.

They have to protect the integrity of their property, and make money off it.