Question Selling PC, I took my 2 SSDs out to use elsewhere do I need to wipe any other data on the old Motherboard somehow?

Oct 28, 2021
I've built a new PC and used my 2 SSD's from my old PC in the new one. Since there isn't any storage drives connected none of my data is still there right? Not an expert so I don't know how it all works. All thats connected is the Motherboard, 1 stick of 4 GB RAM, CPU, and GPU. Would I have to plug a drive back in to do some kind of system reset at all?


May 11, 2008
The only thing that's even remotely linked to you is the way you set the motherboard BIOS settings - if you did make any changes from the default settings. But even those settings are just about the way different parts of the computer work together. They have absolutely nothing to do with any personal data.


Apr 7, 2019
Assuming you're using Windows 10...

Afaik, Windows 10 has an activation mechanism where it will bind to your hardware ID (aka HWID activation).
This mechanism usually involves taking the motherboard's Hardware ID

But be aware that even if you delete the OS off the drive, or even if you run the advanced commands to remove the Product Key from the install (slmgr -upk) nothing changes in the MS Activation servers until the Product Key is used to activate a new install. At that point if it's a retail Product Key the old hardware signature will be overwritten with the new one, a process that sometimes requires phone or agent activation and may be aided by the new Activation troubleshooter explained in Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change.

Until a new hardware signature is assigned to the Product Key in MS Servers, the old hardware signature lingers simply because uninstalling the key via Command Line or deleting the old install does nothing to communicate to MS Servers.
If you activated Windows 10 this way, you must assign a new hardware signature to your product key in MS servers. You will need to use your Windows 10 key and reactivate it after the hardware change:

So essentially, yes you don't need to do anything to the hardware, but if you activated Windows 10 via HWID method then you must activate the Windows 10 license after the hardware change with your new PC build with your Windows 10 license key. This way your Windows 10 license key is associated to your new PC Build and not the old one you're selling.
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