Send help a noob in problem

Sep 11, 2018
So I transferred 400gb from my ssd to my hdd I didn’t know you shouldn’t do that until my friend told me I shouldn’t, I just built my pc like 4 days ago so I was like whatever I’ll just reset my pc since I was having a lot of problem with apps, so I did I went to sleep since it would take a few hours, when I woke up my pc has shut down so I thought I was done but it turns out it didn’t finish when I went to access my hdd it couldn’t be used and made me format the drive so now I’m confused I think it’s good my steam work and I uninstalled those apps that don’t work I did try to uninstall battle net but it doesn’t and when I try to open it I get a message saying it’s missing files or whatever so I deleted the files and reinstalled it now it works but when you look at my desktop taskbar it’s just a file and not the battle net logo idk if I should be worried or something idk send help noob needs help my hdd works I installed the apps I uninstall on to it and the run fine except Starcraft idk what’s going on with that I know I’m an idiot but oh well what can I do