Question Sennheiser GSP 350's wont work with one device

Apr 12, 2019
Had these headphones for over a year and they work fine on my windows 7 desktop. However last night I tried putting them into my windows 10 laptop.
Windows says installed successfully but headset wasnt in playback or recordings(it isnt hidden). In bluetooth and other devices it says "Driver error". In device manager both main audio and communications audio are under "Other devices" with a yellow exclamation mark. ( haven't seen the microphone anywhere)

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" - this is the error in device manager.

I spoke to support on facebook their suggestions didn't work and I am waiting for another wave of suggestions from them.
Things I have tried"
  • Clean install of surround dongle with cleansweep
  • Various device manager tricks(disable unplug restart enable etc)
  • Plugged into another windows 10 laptop and worked just fine, even without the surround dongle install.
  • Relentless googling
  • Updated main audio firmware(was the only to show up in sennheiser updater)
  • Downloaded Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro(nothing shows)
Thanks in advance.