Review Sennheiser GSP 670 Gaming Headset Review: Wireless Luxury


Jul 27, 2009
What is the difference between a "gaming headset" and a regular "headphone"? Is there any reason why you can't use, for example, Sony WH-1000MX3 or Bose QuietComfort bluetooth headphone for gaming (both have built in microphones, and without the ridiculous looking arm)? They also have FAR better battery life, are noise cancelling (a must have feature if you've ever tried it), are cheaper, and have low latency bluetooth compatibility. If you Google "best wireless headphones" you don't see many (if any) of these seemingly overpriced "gaming headsets", so I wonder where the value is.
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However, this cable-free model features a 16-hour battery life (or up to 20 when connected via Bluetooth) and very low latency.
Not only were the battery life claims not tested, but the "very low latency" was not tested either. It would be nice to see benchmarks for some of the characteristics of these headsets rather than just subjective opinions and the manufacturer's specifications. That likely wouldn't be too hard to do within a week of mostly unattended tests.

For battery life, after cycling the battery a couple times, play a loop of music and put a microphone in an earcup to record the output (a very low data rate would be fine), so that you can review the audio the following day to know exactly what time it cuts out. Perhaps repeat the process at a high and low volume level to determine the potential range, and using both connection methods.

You might not be able to directly compare the results against other headsets unless there were a good way to calibrate them to a specific volume level though, which might require something like a binaural microphone that simulates human ears to more accurately account for different headset designs.

And latency tests could involve playing a quick high-frequency chirp through both a wired 3.5mm headset and the test headset at the same time, and recording the results (at a high data rate), then zooming in on the waveform in something like Audacity to determine the separation between the two output devices. I get the impression latency could vary significantly from one wireless headset to the next, and between the different connection options.


Jul 15, 2011
Can we get a review comparing high-end headsets? I use Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x for the last few years and still have never seen these reviewed here... I guess its all about pay to play?