Question Sensitivity for all games suddenly got higher without me changing anything

Jun 26, 2020
I booted up my pc and hopped into Warzone, my ingame sensitivity was super high but the sensitivity in loading screens and warzone home screen was normal (probably because it shows the mouse cursor at those times). I hadn't changed anything to do with DPI or sensitivity so I was really confused as to what had happened. My mouse DPI, ingame sensitivity and Windows sensitivity is the exact same as before this happened. Mouse acceleration is also turned off in windows and every game on my PC. My mouse sensitivity ingame seems to have changed without displaying that it's been changed. When I'm not in any game and just browsing around windows, my sensitivity is normal. When I go into an aimtrainer and match my sensitivity to the exact same as ingame, my ingame sense feels a lot higher than the aimtrainer. This ruins my muscle memory and makes it really, really hard to improve my aim and skill in games so if anyone has a fix then please help me out.

It seems like the sensitivity got higher in every game on my pc, but the cursor speed has stayed the same. Whenever the mouse cursor is out, the sensitivity is normal but when I'm actually playing the game (in first person or third person) the sensitivity is higher than normal.