Question Separate Audio and Video output from GTX 980?

Cuzzin Chizzy

Apr 7, 2012
My Goal
To play my Steam games in 5.1 surround sound while enjoying 4k and HDR on my TV

My Setup
My PC has 2 GTX 980SC cards and I'm running Windows 10.
My TV is the Sony Bravia X930E and my AV "receiver" is a Sony STR-KS370,

The Issue
I haven't found a way to enjoy both 5.1 and 4K/HDR while playing Steam games in my living room.
My receiver is older and does not support 4K or HDR. My TV does support 4K/HDR, but I'm unable to get the 5.1 audio to pass thru to the receiver.

I know that surround pass thru works on my TV.
I currently have my PS4 Pro running direct into my TV for 4K, and with the TV outputting to the receiver, 5.1 is working in PS4 games.
The problem is when I run an HDMI cable to my TV from the PC, Windows 10 sees the device as the TV and I'm unable to select 5.1 as an audio output option.

If I run the HDMI cable to the receiver first, I AM able to select surround options in Win10 sound settings, but I'm unable to play games in 4K.
I can oversample by setting a higher resolution, but the TV will only display a 1080P signal.

Will probably wait until I buy the next gen consoles/build a new PC to get a new receiver, so was looking for a temporary solution to tide me over.

My Questions
is there a way to force Windows 10 to output surround even if it's not viewing the TV as a surround compatible device?

is it possible to run video and audio separate from a GTX 980, with one cable running to the TV and one running to the receiver?

or would I be able to purchase some kind of HDMI splitter to run the HDMI currently going into my TV into both TV and receiver?

I've been searching on this issue for a while now with no solution , so would really appreciate any tips or suggestions. :) Thanks!