Question Separate PSU for GPU

Jun 9, 2022
Years ago I bought a pre-built computer, the hp envy 795, and the specs are an i7-8700, RX 580, 16 Gb ram, and a 400W PSU. I recently bought a 3060ti to replace the RX 580, and a corsair CX750F to replace my PSU as I need more power for the card. As I was going to replace the PSU I realized that the motherboard does not have a 24-pin motherboard power connecter, but a 4-pin motherboard power connecter which makes me unable to swap the PSU. I'm thinking of only having the 3060ti powered to the new PSU and turning them both on simultaneously with the PSU grounded with a paper clip. I've seen this done in a lot of mining rigs, but with how old my motherboard is, I was wondering if there would be any issues. This would be my fix for 1-2 months until I can save up enough for a new motherboard. I was just wondering if there would be any issues with this, and if I can have the new PSU connected to my 3060ti running at all times even with the main system turned off.

Here's a picture of my motherboard, and here's a link to my full PC:

I hate OEM's for this reason....

But yes its totally possible, I use to do this in my server, I had 2 seasonic 500 watt PSU's and a GTX 780ti and a older Quadro the needed a 6 pin.

I don't recommend that you do this long term, I'd eventually buy a compatible motherboard for the i7 8700 and a different case later on.

But if you buy a PSU, some do come with the adapter to power them on with out them being plugged into the motherboard, a lot of them don't, this adaptor will work with any standard PC PSU, probably the best route for what you are doing, You will have to power on the PSU before you power on you PC so the GPU will be seen by the PC, And if you shut it down, you will have to manually shut the PSU off as well. CRJ 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Jumper Bridge Tool : Electronics

You can do this with a paper clip for testing purposes, but I wouldn't do it.

Again, I'd look around for a compatible motherboard and case in the mean time, Can find them on the used market for a fair price these days.

Good luck!