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Dec 8, 2005
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Well I guess what qualifies as being "enough traffic"?

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I have to admit, If I hadn't seen this thread pop up on the forum ticker on the thg homepage, I would never have known about it. I had heard of the SETI distributed computing deal, but not this.
This in my opinion is a much more down to earth (pun intended) effort than the seti project and i'm happy to be able to provide a few clock cycles to a cause such as this.

I've seen this type of post time and time again. There are actually quite a few repeating topics that pop up on this thread. Most likely because nobody wants to read through 700+ posts to get caught up.

I'm not saying we need a top level section, but we almost have enough content in our Folding sticky as the Hardware->NIC section as a whole. Also having a section of our own will allow us to break up the topics into different threads so we aren't asked the same questions over and over. The folding project is a very worthwile meaningful scientific study, which could use everyone's help. We sponsor THG as a team on Folding at Home, but we are just asking for a little sponsorship from our forum.