Serious graphic card problem. please help!


Dec 18, 2009
i just bought new XFX nvidia 8500GT 256MB pci-e graphic card.
installed it properly with driver cd provided. and also played crysis on it properly that day. but in next morning when i rebooted my pc it gave me BSOD with nvcpl.dll file error. then i reboot my pc manually and all bios boot screen got artifacts all over it and then in windows xp gone so bad looking screen never seen before. so i checked the display properties in xp it showed Lowest 4 bit color quality and 640 x 480 screen resolution and in advanced tab adapter information graphic card is "unavailable". i was unable to make any changes to color quality or resolution as it goes back to that lowest setting again.
the display corruption starts right from boot screen and in bios menu too. with letters tearing and flickering.

i have tried following options till now but same problem
1] checked in other os like ubuntu, problem worsen than in windows.
2] reinstalled graphic card drivers, still problem remains.
3] used driver sweeper and ccleaner to remove any old driver entries/file before fresh installation of latest drivers downloaded from nvidia site, still problem remains.
4] ultimately checked the graphic card in friends pc, still the problem remains.

please provide me some solution on this serious issue as the graphic card is brand new and worked fine for a day. i have not used any overclocking either for graphic card / for cpu, all were on their default set speeds.

i don't think its a driver issue as it appears even in boot screen.

thanks in advance.


If its artifacting its a hardware level issue, since the problem remained when you switched which computer it was in i would assume it to be the card that is at fault. Call up XFX and see about getting an RMA because the card really shouldnt be doing that, and if you are in the US you have a lifetime warranty.

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