Serious Help.....Glitch / Games Crashing....?


Mar 9, 2005
1. I'm having problems with my games crashing during play. For instance, while playing call of duty2, the game will crash, or should I say, "Minimize", and flip back to Windows XP? After that happens, I simply click on the Call of Duty2 button, and it comes back up and I keep playing again. This has happened with other games as well. It usually happens ever 2 - 5 minutes? Any ideas what's causing this to happen? I've scan and scan my computer for viruses, and registry problems. Several bugs, but they were fixed. Hmmmmm?

2. Another issue....that maybe related. Whilel typing emails, or this message, every so often I'll loose my cursor, it disappears. Almost like something in the background popped up! But, no pop up appears. So, I click with my mouse and my cursor appears, and I start typing again.

3. Another....after I reboot, and I reach the desktop, I click on Mozilla Icon, MS Word/Excel/Pwrpoint, or I click on a game to uninstall under Programs, nothing happens! The program won't open? But, after about 4 minutes, or so....finally the programs open! So, basically I keep clicking and no programs execute, and then finally all of them open!?

I've scanned for spam as well, nothing?

Any advise is appreciated... I use System Mechanic6 Professional as a tool for firewall (& XP Firewall), and for scanning for spam and viruses. I went into Sys Mech6 and added the game to the "Okay", or "allow" status but that didn't seem to help the problem.

Overall, my system seems to run fine, other than the above malfunctions! I


Jul 6, 2004
That really sounds like there's some program running that takes focus away from the foreground application. It can be as simple as a little program in the background trying to get your attention (but it seems unlikely in this case), or it can be a trojan/virus/malware.

Since no AV or spyblocker does a 100% job, I use a couple so that hopefully the overlap will get it all.

I like:
Spybot Search & Destroy
McAffee's online scans.

Also can try downloading Hijackthis and posting a logfile to one of the hijackthis forums where the regulars will find things that nothing else can find, and they'll give you instructions on how to fix it.