Question Serious issue unknown cause


Aug 24, 2015
So last night my PC ran fine. Windows forced an update so I shut it down and went to bed. Woke up this morning and it won't boot past post. But it won't initialize any video so I can't see where it's crashing. Everything worked last night when it shut down and updated.

Here's what I've tried so far:
Removed ram and powered on to check for beeps. It does. Then replaced the ram in different slots. No more beeps.
Removed HDD but no video so can't see any feedback.
Installed HDD in another PC, it works fine.
Removed video card and attached multiple monitors to the onboard video. Won't display anything still.
When the video card is installed the PC will click a few times before finally powering up the GPU fans. (Been doing this since I got the card but has worked so far).

When the PC powers on the keyboard lights flash on then off once like normal but the mouse lights never come on which means it isn't loading windows and I just can't see what it's doing.
Tried resetting the cmos but still won't display anything.

The onboard video has been disabled in the bios but not being able to see anything prevents me from turning it back on. However it should still show the splash of dos and the HP loading screen that tells you to press f10 for setup. Checked the PSU with a multimeter and it checks out normal on all outputs.

System specs:
Corsair tx650w PSU
Mcp61pm-hm rev 2.2 Mobo
AMD phenom quad core
4x 1gb ddr3 ram
Radeon rx 460 4gb GPU in pci-ex16 slot

Not really sure what else to do. I can't afford to replace anything or take it to a shop and without this PC I have no way to make any more money.


If system won't even work with onboard video, that shows it may be a motherboard issue if not the power supply. The clicking you said happens should not be happening with a system that is good, maybe the power supply. All you can do is try known good parts and see what fixes it. Without being able to try other parts there is no way to troubleshoot this past what you already tried.