Question Serious problem Lenovo G505s laptop

Apr 16, 2021
So, my Brother when he was young received Lenovo G505s for birthday after few years it suddenly broke, years later my dad sent it to repair shop And they replaced Fan And updated to Windows 10.

I wanna game on it (not demanding games just Minecraft And half life) So i booted it up And updated all drivers etc. Then i tried to find what GPU it has but didnt see it in task manager or website Apps, only device manager picked up the GPU So i checked And the first one didnt have drivers, the second one was dead so i unplugged and plugged it through device manager and i thought that fixed it.

So i tried to fix the first gpu but no luck then i install AMD Catalyst And there it was, first it told me i had some problems but i checked And did not find And after installation Catalyst already updated AMD drivers And then. Blue screen of death Windows said there was a issue And i waited And Now it just launches for few min And then Crash, I really wanna use that notebook So help would be apprecciate.

Don't know why but it does this weird Electric State Sound (hard to describe, but Its probably CPU???)
Also sorry my english isnt Very good And i'm on phone. Edit:Booted in Safe Mode And no problems, seems that drivers do it (i would appreciate if Someone found drivers that work it got. amd radeon hd 7640g And AMD Radeon HD 8500m

Also it has to be plugged in order to work And AMD Radeon HD 8500m has error sometimes (code 43) And had it before

Edit: BSOD appears with either Threat Stuck In Device Driver or The Error when CPU sends code it Is not supposed to
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