serious problem with 9700pro


Jul 26, 2002
Past couple weeks all 3d games have serious vertex issues.

These "triangles of 'blah' texture" originate from any cross hair in a game, and spread outwords getting larger. Ive i move to a certain angle they dissapear.

They originate from certain textures in my games, some textures produces them others not. Typically from nearby walls.

Is this a problem with my vid card itself?

I just updated to the newest catalysts and it still occurs.


1. Is it doing this in all games? If not, list the ones it is/isn't

2. Take the side off of your computer case and blow a fan on the side of your motherboard. Then test... are the artifacts still there?

<b>Radeon <font color=red>9500 PRO</b></font color=red> <i>(hardmodded 9500, o/c 322/322)</i>
<b>AthlonXP <font color=red>2600+</b></font color=red> <i>(o/c 2400+ w/143Mhz fsb)</i>
<b>3dMark03: <font color=red>4,055</b></font color=red>