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Question Serious problem with cpu-world.com


Apr 5, 2020
Now I dunno what is going on, but I had to see the most retarded thing ever in my life.
I am trying to reach cpu-world.com to get some cpu info and this trash happens:

'Access denied
This IP address was blocked due to spam.

Based on reports from well-known anti-spam internet resources, this IP address was used to post spam in comments and/or forums.'

Any idea how to fix it? Nobody in the forums has ever told me that I am spamming, I was even able to help a bit some guys in the forums-and boom-phew-u are now blocked!
Now, bearing in mind there are sites like ark.intel, that work 1000 times better than these jokers, i am almost perfectly fine.
But I still wonder why the hell? If someone really had a problem, they would at least tell me something, or block me from the forum instead. Wtf is this thing and is it reversible?

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"The site has a new ban list in place, that blocks all "bad" IP addresses:

Following persistent attempts to scrap the contents of our site by various bots, I decided to block access from commonly abused IP addresses. In total, there were more more than 30000 IP addresses banned, and many of those are open proxies, hacked computers, or shared IP addresses. It is very unfortunate that we had to resort to this measure because we may have blocked some legitimate visitors, but I'd rather do that than spend a lot of time dealing with annoying site scrapers and comment/forum spammers.

If your IP address is blocked then please contact me or send an e-mail to webmaster at cpu-world.com, and I will whitelist your IP. "

Just contact them and get whitelisted. You were probably just an victim of that auto ban thing they had to implement.