Question Serious problem with getting 2nd monitor to work, and monitor flashing


Sep 19, 2017
Hello everyone !

So, I currently have plugged in 3 monitors (2x2k monitor and one 4k)

Asus MG279, 27 inch
Iiyama PL279Q 27 inch
And some 39 inch LG Electronics Ultra HD monitor, unfortunately I can't remember the exact model

here are specs for my graphics card and other hardware :

So, my old 2nd monitor started to flash and not turn on. Without any "lost signal" or error. I tried to change the cable, mess with settings etc but it didn't fix the issue. I suspected that my graphics card started to act because it couldn't sustain 3 monitors with different resolution and size. Sometimes it turned on, sometimes it didn't.
When I was turning on my 4k monitor all of my monitors always flashed.

So I bought Iiyama PL279Q 27 inch as my 2nd monitor.

After pluging it it in, it was very similar situation, but the monitor didn't turn on at all. After some time I got it to work.
This time when I turn on my TV, only the 2nd monitor flashes. Now all of the sudden not only does it flash, but my 2nd monitor stopped working at all when I also use my 4k monitor.
The only way I can use my 2nd monitor is when I use the split screen option called PBP/PIP on my 4k monitor, or unplug my 4k monitor.

Currently, they are all plugged in to display ports like this :

My 4k monitor HDMI -> DISPLAY PORT
ASUS MONITOR MiniP -> Display Port
Iiyama DP -> Display port

I attached photos with some settings and additional information here :


Any advice would be appreciated :)