Question Serious USB issues Asus Mobo

Oct 6, 2019
Motherboard Model: ASUS M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 ~2 years old


Recently re-installed W7 64bit (2 months ago) and have been having issues with a failing HDD. So, I decided I was going to do another clean install to a spare TB HDD.
I use just a USB Mouse and Keyboard.
If I plug in a bootable flash drive my USB ports all quit working without any error messages from windows
When I unplug the drive the ports start working again after about 30 seconds
I tried every USB port, I also tried leaving the mouse and keyboard unplugged (verified they quit because the LED on the flash drive goes out after 1 second)
I tried 3 other flash drives and a multimedia USB card reader (without even having an SD Card inserted) and still same results, all ports attempted and all ports shut down no errors.

I uninstalled the USB drivers, ASUS controller drivers, and ASUS Ai Charger drivers.
Re-installed these drivers and had the same issue,
Also. uninstalled all the drivers again and performed a reboot allowing system to install its own default drivers and still had the exact same issue.

Even more strange to see if it was a weird windows issue, I booted into BIOS and re-tried all of the above and had that same issues with the ports shutting off.
Just for kicks I grabbed another keyboard and plugged it in as well (so 2 keyboards and 1 mouse) and it did it then to so no weird issue with flash drives etc.
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well there is just bad news for you, your mainboard doesnt have enough power to run your USB devices..power delivery fail...
u can get new mainboard if this one is out of warranty, but if it s just usb power id say u should be fine with active USB hub, they have external power supply