Server 03 Drops internet connection, but not LAN


May 27, 2012
So....needless to say that I am one of those technicians that does not have an extreme amount of networking experience. I know its sad and Im working on fixing that.

Yesterday, I had a call to a new customer. their story was as follows: They have a static IP for remote desktop work. Their ISP had recently changed their static IP address. After this happened they started having problems on their LAN with dropped connections in quickbooks. Their flaky IT guy said it was the ISP's fault. (apparently the IT guy was also stealing equip. and making sexually lewd comments towards the secretary.)

I came in....found that the IT guy had moved the Quickbooks Co. Files from the server to the owners PC....(I was told because the Server was old, and its lifespan in question). I found that the IT guy had put the files on the owners computer and also mapped the folder ON THAT COMPUTER to itself (in other words she was opening the files through a mapped network drive....but the location of the mapped drive was on that PC!).
I fixed all that......changed a few other things that were suspect....and then started looking at the server because they still had some shared folders on it that were used in the company.

>>>>Apparently the last IT guy thought the server was having problems with its built in NIC. Had them buy a new one...installed it....and then later said that the NIC wasn't the problem. The only problem I could find with this thing is that it didn't have an Internet Connection. Whenever I made a ping it would come back "hardware error". I restarted the server and it would have an internet connection just fine....then I would lose it and get "hardware error" when I pinged any site. ---I was connected to the server through Desktop sharing through the LAN so the NIC was working sending and receiving other computers had Internet connection issues.

I dont have IPconfig results....but no numbers changed internet connection or not.

Im guessing this might have something to do with some windows service?