Server as wired router


Apr 24, 2012
I'm currently in the process of streamlining my server farm and to cut operation costs. I've been considering some alternatives other than paying for 7 network bills per month.

Would it be possible to use a server as a pseudo-router and bounce a connection to another server? Each server has two embedded NC320i PCIe Gigabit Server Adapters. Each server would be connected to the network via ethernet cable through one of its ethernet ports, and could the second port possibly forward the connection to another server?

I tried plugging in a normal ethernet cable into the second port and the other end to another server and bridging two connections, but that doesn't seem to produce a connection. I believe the receiving server recognizes that it has been connected to another server (indicated by a red, normally green light on the ethernet port), but is unable to establish an internet connection.

Thanks for your time