Server PowerEdge D900 Troubleshooting help please server


Mar 27, 2016
I got this second hand by some sketchy indian guy that didnt look like he knew anything about pc's/servers. anyway so he had in the listint that it didnt 'boot'. when i powered it up the fans spin normally, then loudly, then normally, then loudly, then normally with no display or usb power (no keyboard lighting) with the error code on the lcd display "I1910 intrusion". The lights on the powersupplies show that they are healthy, i have resat all of the 4 cpu;s and every ddr2 dimm i own, so im guess its not them, which leads me to the mobo. i supect its just some some setting because its a retail system.

Any help would be appreciated
the error message is one that the case has been opened. vendor can use tape or cables to to a case opened message. if you can download the service guild check to see if the case cable is missing or how dell checks that no one opened the server to steal parts from it.

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