Server PSUs not Working


Jul 4, 2017
I am working on a Dell Poweredge T320 w/ dual 750W stock PSUs. I shut the server down for routine cleaning and when I plugged it back in, both PSUs started clicking and nothing turned on, not even the indicator LEDs on the PSUs. The server is usually on a Dell UPS but I also tried plugging into the wall and nothing changed. I have seen another thread (about the same server) where the PSU was clicking and they determined it was a PSU failure, but that one only had one PSU, and I find it strange that mine would have both fail at the same time. Does anyone know what could have caused this issue?


You could speculate that fail mode is a common fail mode with that model and both PSUs experienced some abnormal power line condition or load condition at the same time and failed the same way at the same time.

As far as the actual cause...I don't think anyone that hasn't experienced that fail mode with that unit and found out the cause can tell you. It would just be guessing.
The multi rail PSUs can be detecting a problem elsewhere during POST and be unable to proceed. I would check all sockets and connectors to see if something was disturbed during the cleaning. If that doesn't work I owuld strip it down to the absolut minimum, see if it runs and then add things back in until you find the problem.