Question Server restarting randomly


May 4, 2018
We built a small business server last summer and this past winter it began to restart a couple times a week. I sometimes goes a couple days without doing it and sometimes up to four times a day (twice within the last hour).

System specs:
Intel Xeon 1230 V5
Windows server essentials 2016
16 gigs KVR24E17D8/16 kingston RAM
250W single power supply

I've combed through the event logs, server boots up and gives code 6008 (unexpected restart) and I can't find any similar events appearing before the crashes. There is also no similarities between the times the server restarts. It runs around 36 degrees Celsius (~96 degrees F) and it's set to not automatically restart after a blue screen but the server is always starting up by the time we realize it crashed. I also made sure there were no scheduled tasks causing this, I am very confident no one else has been accessing the server remotely or even been near it physically.

The server runs our Solidworks 2018 license manager and vault manager as well as quickbooks and maybe some other scheduled backups, nothing very demanding.

My boss thinks it may have started after a windows update in February, the event log shows this error occurring before that but it could have been a different cause, I'm not sure.

Windows and all drivers are up to date, I checked the BIOS event viewer for anything but it's completely empty even though it's always been enabled, is that normal?

I've spent the last two days scouring the internet and trying other peoples solutions but still no luck, any help or leads are greatly appreciated. let me know if there's any useful information I've missed.