Server(s) for Small Business


Aug 15, 2011
I've been tasked with researching servers for our business. The proprietary software we run utilizes a lot of RAM and Threads and as such we've purchased about 32 desktop's which we've got running 24/7 on a huge metal rack. Each PC has an I7 @ 900+- ghz, and 16 GB RAM, all running Windows 7 64bit. The software runs pretty much 24/7 (it's a mixed integer program which uses an algorithm to solve models we push to it). If we were to continue expanding our business with more consulting jobs, the need for more resources would increase and we'd just buy more PC's to fulfill this need.

Going a server route seems to be more effective and of course consumes less space. Unfortunately, I've never purchased and assembled one before. We like the idea of 1-2 Quad core processors with 100++ GB RAM but, again, I'm unsure where to even begin. Any advice would be appreciated.