Set HDD as primary and SSD as secondary (but keep it as a boot drive)


May 31, 2011
Hey there,

Just built my first computer and everything is working fiiiine :) very pleased. I've made my SSD the boot drive, but now everything that I install is going to the SSD which isn't what I want! Is it possible to now set the HDD as the local drive for all my files and if so how?

Instructions please! Thanks so much
Set up folder for the appropriate categories on your HDD (Programs/Applications/Games, Documents, Downloads, etc.). When you install programs, use "Custom Installation" and create a new folder in the categorized directory, and it should install to there.

In W7, you can associate your Libraries with those folders, instead of the default folders created on the C: (I deleted mine). Also, set your browser to download to a file on your HDD.