Question Set my DNS to that of a device not connected to my "local" router

Feb 25, 2019
Hi there,

So my broadband package has two "routers" the first is a wired device, which is connected to the outside fibre optic cable, and which I have my pc hooked up to. The other is a wireless device that is connected through a wired connection to the first. I have a device hooked up to the wireless router. How could I get my pc to communicate with the device on the wireless router?

More specifically, I'm trying to set up my PC DNS to be that of one of the devices connected to my wireless router.

Kind regards
i am unclear what you mean about your DNS but in general with 2 router connected they way you have them there will be issue communicating between the machines. The second router is treating the connection between the routers a internet and for the same reason people on the internet can not access your internal machines you have issues.

Best would be to run the second router as a AP and only use the WiFi part of the device.