Question Set up a new router, Wifi and other ethernet cable work, but mine does not


Aug 12, 2015
So we got a new router from our ISP and I had to set it up due to the current world issues. The person was giving me instructions on the phone and in the end we got it set up. Now the wifi works for everyone, and laptops can connect to the internet through one cable but the one in my PC no longer seems to work. I can't even connect the laptops through it.
There is no way for me to connect the PC through a different cable as non are long enough. The ISP is obviously not willing to check it out due to the circumstances but I need the internet for my online lectures and assignments.

Any ideas on what might be going on with tbe cable to suddenly just stop working and how I might be able to fix it?
Why cables actually don't work is one of those things a home user can't figure out. It mostly doesn't matter the solution is almost always the same. You cut the ends of the wire and replace them. For someone that does not already have the tools and the ends it likely is not a cost effective option. It is almost always more cost effective to just buy a new cable.

Be very careful that you avoid fake cables especially from amazon and ebay. They crack down on selling fake purses but not fake cables. You need to verify that the cable is pure copper (no cca) and has wire size 22-24 (no flat or thing cable). These fake cable has issue at longer distances and tend to have much more issues with failures because the wire is much more likely to break or have internal connection issues on the plugs on the ends.

Depending on where you live you might be able to get cables from the stores that are still open. Walmart sells them and some very large grocery stores sell expensive ones. In some areas home improvement type stores like home depot are still open since you have to be able to get parts to say fix a toilet.
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