Question Set up new Wifi Network for students

Jun 22, 2020
What is the best way to set up a new wifi network for students that will be using there laptops and mobile devices on the network? I am estimating over 200 users on the network. What would be the best way to achieve this? Also limiting their usage for watching videos on the network, the main focus is to browse for research. We would like to block all social media sites.
You need lots of radio sources. It depends on how active the users are but I would not run more than say 15 on a single AP. It is some what easier if they are spread out over mulitple rooms but if you try this in a single room it is very hard.

Content filter is almost a waste of time. Student know very well the VPN trick to bypass anything you try unless you go with a white list method and only allow a small number of sites and block everything else.

Even without VPN almost all traffic is encrypted by HTTPS. You generally can't see what they are doing. The last hole which uses DNS to try to block it is quickly going away as browser such as firefox and chrome move to encrypted DNS.

Your best bet may not be to care what site but put a rule in that limit the traffic rate. If you set it low enough it should block most video unless they run them a very low resolution. This is pretty resource intensive so you will need to use a pc based firewall to accomplish this. Something like pfsense I think can do it. Not sure it is very easy to limit a ip you key in, I don't know if you can limit ip dynamically.