Setting the correct resolution


Jun 22, 2011
i just got the 20 inch hpx20led...its pretty nice...but the problem is its native resolution is 1600*900...but when i set it to this resolution it doesnt show the full if my resolution is very small to my monitor....but today my friend set the resolution to 1920*1200 while playing fifa 11...and believe me everything looks great and fine....i was shocked too...i know only about 23inch can get this high do i set this resolution permenent????.....btw i am using intel hd graphics...what i,ve to do....i have never heard 20 inch eld giving 1920*1200 resolution....but it was very good on my plz...will intel hd woks fine in this resolution???..and do i set it as permenet resolution???
Yes it will work fine. Just look at the aspect ratio and make sure that circles are circular and squares are square. I have 4 running computers with different monitors, two with dual displays, all set to individual resolutions.

Set the resolution to what appears best.