Setting up a MSI h61 p21 motherboard, please help??


Jan 14, 2012
I need to know how/where to connect the PSU

I also need to know where to connect the HDD led, the power w, the reset w, and the power led + and the power led -

I cant get the PC to switch on

My case is a A-power mars m3

Thank you!
I would test the board first on a non conductive surface, such as a breadboard or the box the board came in. Keep the power supply nearby, not installing it in the case just yet. Install the cpu/heatsink, ram, monitor and keyboard leads, and power supply leads (both the 24 pin and 4 pin connectors). check the back of the power supply and be sure the dark toggle switch is in the "on" position usually on the - end. If the power supply is plugged in, when you connect the 24 pin lead, the board fans usually spin indicating the board is receiving power. Last, with the video and keyboard connected, touch the case lead pin cluster (pwr switch, pwr led, reset, etc) with a plain flathead screwdriver and move it around the pins until the system powers up. Press the key as instructed on the screen to enter the bios. Set the boot order to cd>hardrive; enable the smartfan settings after calibrating it, save and exit using f10. Then proceed to mount the board in the case, being sure no extra standoffs are touching the circuitry of the board. 5 or 6 standoffs are all you need to mount the board. I don't use any too close to the ram slots. Then press on the backplate into the case and continue mounting the board, sliding it under the metal tangs leftover when you bend them or break them off to use the ports on the board. If you don't understand what I just said, READ THE MOTHERBOARD MANUAL. If you don't have the patience to do this, then you should get someone to build your system for you. Here's some videos you can watch. Good luck.