Setting Up A Network

Dragons Edge

Jan 14, 2015
Hi, I wonder if I could throw a few questions out before I consider whether to undertake this task.

Firstly, is it possible to have a setup whereby I use my current ISP internet connection to run both VPN and a normal IP connection (Ethernet and WIFI) from the same router at the same time. E.g my pc is connected via ethernet with a standard IP address from my ISP, but say my Tablet or phone is connected via WIFI on VPN?

Can this be done? If it can, what is the best budget (up to £75) router for the UK.

Thanks in advance

In quick format, I guess Im asking can one router run VPN and normal IP address at the same time, or do I need 2 routers or ISPs?
You can, but may need a more expensive router to do this, as normally needs better firmware, than you get with most consumer routers.

What you have to do is setup routing within the router so for example goes to VPN, regardless of device used.

I always point people to getting a Asus router that is compatible with using custom firmware from