Setting Up a Time Capsule/Airport as Primary With E4200 Cascade


Mar 14, 2012
I have a Time Capsule current generation, as my primary router connected to my ISP. I'm using a Linksys E4200 as my slave router connected to the Time Capsule via lan to lan. I noticed the TC Internet Connection TCP/IP via DHCP shows a Subnet Mask of and the Surewest IP of

Is the 248 setting one I will need on the slave?

The TC IP Address is the DHCP Beginning Address is to allow for the slave to have

The E4200 is set as follows on the routers setup page, Internet Section to Automatic DHCP, Network Section to IP Subnet Mask and DHCP is Disabled.

Both routers have a SSID set to the same name.

Are all these settings correct? I've noticed that a device iPhone or iPad etc has a different IP address assigned by the TC depending on which router it is actually connected. I've also noticed difficulty of a device on one router communicating with one on the other.

Any advice on how to clean up my setup is appreciated.