Setting up an old P320h with window 7

Feb 4, 2019
At my place of work, we process a lot of 3d point cloud data, and I am trying to optimize some old Dell T5610s for data processing. At the time the T5610s were in productions, one of the options was for a Micron P320h PCIe flash drive. This board was one of the first generations of PCIe drives and it was even featured here:,3344.html

Well, we found one of the old PCIe drives at a clearance center, and have installed it into one of our old T5610s running windows 7. Now we are having a very difficult time finding a driver for the board. Dell does not have them on their website, and Micro's website is an absolute nightmare, even if you sign up for an account. They want a signed NDA before they will let you download drivers!

Has anyone dealt with these old drives in a windows environment, and had any luck getting them up and running?


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