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Question Setting up an original Xbox 360, issues with display


May 24, 2014
Hi guys,

I have just gifted my old Xbox 360 to my little brother, along with an old TV. The 360 is an original so it DOES NOT have a HDMI slot. As a result, I am working with composite and component cables.

My TV only has composite slots (RWY) and when the 360 is hooked up to this, the picture is very blurry, to the point where it is uncomfortable to look at. It is my understanding that the component cables will provide a better picture.

After trying a few things out, the closest I have come to success is a decent picture with audio, but everything is black and white. Whenever I fiddle with hdtv switch on the original 360 cable I get no signal.

I just want to set up a decent picture. I do have a hdmi to composite adapter and also a component to 3.5mm jack adapter at my disposable. Would appreciate any help.