Setting up Ethernet HTPC


Aug 4, 2010
Hey everyone, i have a huge passion for technology but when it comes to networking i am a complete noob so ill try to explain my situation as clear as possible.

First of all I am using a d link 601 router and a gaming AMD desktop computer with W7. I have a HTPC with W7 aswell.

I am wanting to set up a HTPC downstairs while my router/main computer/server is upstairs. I will be filesharing mkvs to my htpc downstairs. My main computer is hard-wired cable modem===>router===>computer.

My question is can i plug in a cat5e straight cable from my router===>HTPC to transfer files or do I need to buy a switch or hub that goes from computer===>switch===>htpc and my cable modem=>router===>switch.

Your D-Link 601 router has a built in 4 port switch. So yes, you can just connect your HTPC to your router and you will be able to transfer files between the HTPC and main computer. Another switch won't be needed unless you max out the 4 ports on your router and want to connect more with network cable.


[quotemsg=8142264,3,395628]Are there any guides that show how its done? I made a sharing folder on my main computer but it does not show up on my htpc.[/quotemsg]
If you are using Windows 7 you need to share the drive or folder AND also to change the security tab setting -- the easiest thing to do is in the windows explorer to right click on the drive and open the drive properties, select the security tab, edit button, add button and type Everyone in the object name box. Then every computer on your network will be able to share the drive.